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Let's save our heritage!

Our wonderful and internationnally reknowned valley of Chamonix welcomes always a greater number of permanent ou secondary residents. Of course, this increasing number of houses is gaining on our agricultaral lands down in the valley every day. 

Less place for the cattle, fewer cattle and farmers, and thus our pasturages are growing wild! The income of rural activities is so unattractive! And that reduces even more the number of farmers... The situation seems gloomy but it is realistic.

And yet, the tourism offices are constantly asking the farmers for farm visits, local produces... The holiday-makers along with the locals want to discover the rural and local traditions and like to live in a rural environment and not an urban one. But the problem is that the valley tends to become more and more urban... 

So in which direction should we go? Should we resign ourselves? Should we take the risk to take over farms after retired farmers? Should we just maintain a folkloric agriculture? Will we be obliged to bring herd from somewhere else in order to keep our pasturages in shape?  

The farmers of the Chamonix Mont Blanc Valley did join their forces together in order to try to perpetuate their activity in the long run and say NO to all these depressing perspectives.

Because they passionately love their job, because they are convinced that the agricultural tradition is transmissible, because there are still some lands that can be highlighted, because they are appreciated by lots of people. 

To be supported in their actions and beliefs, the farmers have created an association open to EVERYONE.

We need you!

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